FEMAS and other accreditations

Newport commitment to Quality is of high importance and this is demonstrated through our dedicated QC labs in China, local accreditations and feed assurance schemes.

Our technical personnel in the UK and China are HAACP trained, with access to laboratories with complex Dioxin Tests.

We ensure our customers a dedication to providing safe, reliable and totally traceable products from source through to transport, storage and distribution to end markets.

The FEMAS Scheme provides the assurance of feed ingredients required by the compound feed industry and farm assurance schemes.


In addition to FEMAS, we work with manufacturers who have assurance scheme such as GMP+ and FAMI-QS.


Newport feeds

Laboratory in China

Newport was one of the first western distributors to open their own separate laboratories for Quality Testing Chinese manufacturers.

The Shanghai office and labs work with over 90 factories and have access to several hundred local factories, in addition to over 15,000 products.

The Shanghai Labs support the quality assurance activities for our European & US offices, utilising their own labs for Pre-Shipment Sample testing by batch. Over 80 % of all shipments are quality checked prior to shipment.

Our Laboratory is central to our quality control systems.

Tens of thousands of organisations export chemicals from China, without pre-shipment sampling, relying on the manufacturers laboratories to produce certificates of analysis.

Our Supply-Chain systems focus on :

1. Test methods used by the Chinese Factory and tests methods used by our EU / USA clients

2. Test equipment used by factories verses our own laboratories

3. Actual results compared to certificate of analysis

4. Batch to batch variability

5. HACCP audits and compliance

We are able to conduct most tests within our own resources and have access to GPC / XRF / Atomic Absorption.

Samples are retained for 2 years from every batch that is exported.

Our Chemists audit all factories for raw material feed stocks, quality control systems, batch processes, environmental and laboratory procedures. More importantly, we audit the management.


Dioxin Testing

Animal nutrition