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Sodium Bicarbonate  |  Feed Phosphates  |  Calcined Magnesite  |  Salt  |  Calcium Chloride  |  Fishmeal


Sodium BicarbonateCLICK HERE

  • Newport is the largest importer/distributor of sodium Bicarbonate in the United Kingdom
  • Sodium source for Monogastric and Buffer for Ruminants
  • Naturally derived Sodium Bicarbonate, solution mined from trona deposits underground
  • Superior Buffering capacity and Palatability

Feed Phosphates

Feed phosphates available in powder or granule

  • Dicalcium Phosphate- 18% Phosphorous,21% calcium CLICK HERE
  • Monodicalcium Phosphate-21% Phosphorous, 15-20% Calcium CLICK HERE
  • Monocalcium Phosphate-22% Phosphorous, 14-18% Calcium CLICK HERE

Calcined MagnesiteCLICK HERE

High Purity Greek Calcined Magnesite

  • MgO 94,27%>
  • Mg 55%
  • High Bioavailability



Calcium Chloride




We are able to product source specific products for companies.

Supplier selection is paramount. Newport has been active in worldwide markets for many years. This market knowledge along with existing supplier relationships allows us to source from the best products from quality suppliers around the world.

We have a dedicated team based in China.